This page lists references found through-out culture to deliriants.


  • Post references to deliriants in film / music / video-games / book / online content
  • Include a reference of where to find the reference in a bigger work (film/book)
  • Define the type and write up a description of the reference
  • Link as close as you can to official source (Film: IMDB is good, for books, a Wikipedia article is okay)

Do Not:

  • Post replications, they have a page of their own
  • Post anythign that simply reminds you of /del/ but isn't intended to be


  • Mentioned
  • Part of
  • Topic
  • Theme

Types: mentioned (a deliriant is simply mentioned), part of (the deliriant is a part of or a plot device in the story/work) topic (the work is about a deliriant), theme (the work is deliberately themed to represent delirium).

Music Type of reference Description
Home Brew - Datura/White Flowers Feat. Lui Tuiasau Topic The song satirically poses Datura (though, by description of it, tree Datura, aka. Brugmansia) as an amazing recreational drug.