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Written by: Taylor Baker


Basic Information:


Diphenhydramine (DPH, Benadryl) is a first-generation antihistamine used

for allergies due to it blocking the activity of histamine. It can also be used for

insomnia, to treat the common cold, nausea, and tremors in Parkinson’s patients.

Along with blocking the activity of histamine, it also blocks the activity of another

neurotransmitter: acetylcholine. This is what causes the antiemetic effect, along

with the sedation and potentially very vivid dreams. When taken in doses much

higher than the recommended dose, this anticholinergic activity will cause the user

to have side effects such as rapid, irregular heartbeat, difficulty putting together

coherent sentences, and the user will begin to hallucinate things and sounds that

aren't really there. It’s a very dysphoric high, with not many people enjoying it and

very few coming back to try it again.


Due to the wide dosing range and endless list of possible effects, it’s hard

to tell someone exactly what to expect when using this extremely unpredictable

drug. The main effects of all deliriants include: lowered cognitive functioning,

impaired memory, the worst cotton mouth you’ll ever experience, the need to pee

every 10-15 minutes (and if you’re unlucky you’ll have the inability to pee for a

couple of hours), confusion, photophobia (your eyes will be very sensitive to

lights), and of course the enhancement of music/orgasming. Other unwanted

effects include dysphoria (although some people find it euphoric, and it’s definitely

an acquired taste type thing, you’ll enjoy it as you do it more and more), a sort of

drunken sluggishness, being unable to communicate (either inability to talk or your

memory will be so ass you can’t hold a conversation), vasoconstriction (gets pretty

bad at higher doses), and increased heart rate along with an irregular heartbeat.



Pharmacology/Mechanism of Action

DPH, as stated earlier, is an antihistamine,

or it blocks histamine in the brain. Histamine is responsible for allergic reactions,

itchiness, etc., so DPH is a very effect allergy medicine. BUUUUUUUUTTTTTT

we all know why you’re really here. You want to learn about the DPH trip. Well,

the trip is caused not by the antihistaminergic activity the chemical is most

popularly known for, but rather its antagonism of the neurotransmitter

acetylcholine. To fully understand how DPH works in the brain, some explaining

of acetylcholine is necessary; acetylcholine has 2 different receptors, the nicotinic

acetylcholine receptors, and the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors. DPH

antagonizes the muscarinic receptors, and thus blocks the action of these receptors.

These type of drugs, known as anticholinergics (or more specifically,

antimuscarinics), cause a condition at higher than recommended doses known as

“acute anticholinergic syndrome”. This condition is the trip that antimuscarinics,

commonly referred to as deliriants, produce. Deliriants are 1 of the 3 types of

hallucinogens, having very different and unique effects when compared to

psychedelics and dissociatives. Deliriants are one of the most dangerous drugs in

the world when used improperly, and should be used with caution.

DPH is also a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), which means it

prevents the serotonin transporters to perform reuptake, the process where leftover

neurotransmitters in the synapse are taken back by the neuron that released it to be

used later. Having reuptake inhibited causes more neurotransmitters, in this case

serotonin, to build up and have an increased effect. Fun fact, when this was

discovered in the 1960’s, DPH was used to research possible antidepressants with

less side effects, which led to the discovery of fluoxetine (Prozac).

Dosing Recommendations

This is the chart that appears on Erowid’s dosing page

for DPH, however I will provide a more in-depth explanation, along with why I

feel this isn’t the best chart to use when deciding what dose you want to take. It

also doesn’t take weight into account at all, however it’s unclear how much of a

difference weight truly makes when it comes to dosing DPH.

Threshhold 10mg
Light 25-150 mg Fap dose 100-300 mg
Common 150-300 mg Do-not-want zone 300-700 mg
Strong 250-500 mg Delirium 700-1500mg
Heavy 400-700 mg Eiriel 1500+ mg

Now, the reason I feel this is a bad chart to follow is because it goes about DPH as

if it’s any other drug, which simply IS NOT the case. Instead, the dose of DPH

determines what type of effect you should expect. If I were to make a more

accurate chart, it would look something like this:


Dose (Dose For Heavier People)

Allergies/Sleep Aid

25-75 mg (same)

Minor Relaxation/Fap Dose

50-150 mg (75-200 mg)

Potential “Do Not Want” Zone

175/200 mg-400/450 mg

(200/250-450/600 mg)

Full Blown Delirium

500 (uncommon)/600-750+ mg

(600/650-750+ mg)

I can already tell this might be confusing to some, so let me explain. The fucked

thing about DPH (and all anticholinergic deliriants) is that the right dose literally

varies for EVERYONE, so it’s truly impossible to stick a number and for sure

recommend a specific dose for someone. The best you can do is give a range of

doses and say that somewhere around this range you’ll get these effects. The

shittiest part is the beginning finding a dose that’s right for you, the only way to

safely do it is slowly work your way up each time you trip. The area you want to

be in (may vary, but this is my personal preference) is where you see things

crawling around in the corner of your eyes, your body is uncomfortably dry, and

music sounds trippy as FUCK. When you lay back and close your eyes after

fighting the sleep long enough, you start entering dream-like trances, and the music

really begins to influence the “dreams”. They’re incredibly realistic, until

something makes you snap out of it and you realize you’re laying in bed tripping

balls. The goal is to limit OEV’s and being too out of it, while still being delirious

enough for CEV’s, maybe forgetting little things here and there, and having intense

music euphoria even more powerful than LSD, MDMA, or any other drug that

powerfully enhances music.

Safest Way to Find Your Own Personal Dose

The tricky thing with DPH and deliriants as a whole is that there really isn’t a safe way to trip on them. In order to

avoid potential organ damage, not fuck with too many cognitive functions, and not

be an irritable fuck all of the time then a minimum waiting time I recommend

between trips is 2 weeks. Tolerance to deliriants is almost identical to tolerance to

psychedelics, builds immediately and takes a while to disappear. However, the

common side effects of long-term DPH abuse on a consistent basis should be

enough of a deterrent to do this class of hallucinogens often, with tolerance being

the bonus deterrent. I recommend starting at around 150-200 mg for your first trip,

and going up by 50 mg increments each time until you find your comfort zone.

Personally, a go-to dose without tolerance for me is 550-600 mg; however, I’ve

lost around 15ish pounds since I truly tripped with 0 tolerance, so who know if

that’s changed.

Short- and Long-Term Harm/Problems: 

Although there isn’t any actual

scientific evidence (as far as I could find) to back this up, it’s commonly believed

that prolonged, chronic abuse of DPH is hard on the liver and kidneys. There IS

good reason for believing that though, since DPH is almost entirely excreted

through the kidneys. Also, considering it has to make you piss such large amounts

within like 15 minutes of each other, it seems quite likely that the kidneys are

experiencing some strain. But something that clearly is a more important issue than

the kidneys and can happen to anyone, long-term abuser or not, is the strain on the

circulatory and respiratory systems. DPH can raise a person’s heart rate

GREATLY, almost to dangerous levels in some individuals. Not only does the

heart rate increase, but the electrical conduction system in the body that fuels heart

beats gets fucked with pretty bad and thus can lead to an irregular heartbeat, which

can be very uncomfortable for some.

Also, as far as mental health concerns go, a recent study shows that even the

occasional use of anticholinergics can increase the chance of developing

alzheimer’s by around 30 percent, so this can potentially be very, very unhealthy.

Children and teenagers should also avoid ALL anticholinergics until their brains

have fully developed to make sure their basic cognitive functioning can’t even

potentially fuck up. I began using it in the 9th grade at 14 years old, around the end

of sophomore year and up until like the second semester of junior year it was

constantly non-stop tripping on DPH, and even this last summer I took very high

trip doses around and also well above 1000 mg.

Something that I’ve experienced that seems to be fairly prevalent in other DPH

users is pain in various organs after chronic abuse. Sometimes, when I get it

personally, it’s the back of my sides where the kidneys are that gets sort of sore,

and sometimes during the trip and the day after I’ll get sort of random pains in my

chest. I plan on avoiding DPH for a long, long time very soon, since some people

have side effects that persist for weeks and even months after abstaining from any

sort of use of DPH; however, it’s actually pretty common for all persisting side

effects to fade eventually, it just might take longer depending on how chronic the

abuse was.

Avoiding Tolerance:

From what I have gathered, tolerance to deliriants is

IDENTICAL to tolerance to psychedelics; that is, it builds immediately, takes

about a week and a half or two weeks to return completely back to baseline (more

time may be necessary for really high tolerances). Since DPH is so much cheaper

and widely available than psychedelics, it’s a lot harder to get addicted to

something like psilocybin or LSD than something like DPH. No one can confirm

why, but it’s very common for people who say they had an awful time and don’t

want to do it anymore to slowly come back to DPH and end back up to the chronic,

nightly abuse of DPH. Traditional psyches simply cost too much to afford keeping

a daily acid binge or something. Since you REALLY should give it a couple

months between deliriant trips for your mental health’s sake, tolerance won’t be

too much of an issue if you follow my advice and actually wait that long.


In this section I’ll give a brief explanation of all drugs I’ve mixed with DPH, how it

changed the DPH trip, and all contraindications and pharmacology related



Cannabis and DPH can be anywhere from necessary at lower doses to

absolutely pointless at higher doses. In the relaxed, sedated stage it can amazing, it

really amplifies the weed high more than anything. I’ll never forget when I smoked

2 king size joints on around 300-400 mg and just annihilated two plates of nachos.

With that being said, it generally does the same thing in the “DNW” zone, but not

nearly to the same degree. Once you start pushing into full-blown delirium, weed

kinda gets more and more pointless. It might alleviate you of feeling cold from the

vasoconstriction, but only very VERY briefly. I guess you could say it makes your

mind foggier, but at this point the DPH would have made your mind extremely

foggy to begin with. It won’t make you feel a whole lot different, but I do notice

that the hallucinations seem to chill out a bit after smoking. I used to use DPH to

save weed, since when I’m tripping I just don’t have the energy to smoke much

more than a bowl or two.


When done right, this is a beautiful combo. But, as one would imagine,

you can fuck this one up FAST. They potentiate the fuck out of each other so

please PLEASE use caution. The safest way to mix these 2 is a very low dose of

either both or one. Taking 100-150 mg with a couple beers is a great way to save

both beer and bennies! Hard liquor should be avoided, especially with higher doses

of DPH. Also, drinking a half beer or a whole one on closer to trip doses can help

get rid of the shitty body feels and help with the vasoconstriction, since it’s a very

potent vasodilator. It doesn’t last for very long though, and the additional

inebriation will probably make you zone/blackout until the alcohol wears off.

-Amphetamine (as Adderall and Meth): 

This should be fairly obvious, but I’ll

say it anyway: don’t even think about mixing street speed with DPH. Its

consistently low purity makes it not a wise choice to use because you have no idea

what else you could be getting, and there’s no accurate way to dose it. My

experience was snorting half of a 15 mg instant release addy right as I was peaking.

I believe I was on around 700 mg of DPH, but I also had a crazy high tolerance

from tripping every night. Getting to the point where you can take adderall during

a full-blown DPH trip without any problems is a sign your DPH tolerance is too

high. Anyways, I immediately felt that heavy ass body load feeling be lifted off of

my shoulders, and I was definitely more aware than I was previous (that isn’t

saying much, I wasn’t very aware after snorting it either). I did notice that music

sounded different than it was before the addy, but almost as if I took a lower dose

of DPH. It’s worth noting that DPH and amphetamine are broken down by the

same enzyme, CYP2D6, so they would compete to be broken and thus lengthen the

half-life. HOWEVER, meth also inhibits CYP2D6. Not only does it share the same

enzyme as DPH, but it also stops that enzyme from breaking anymore drugs down.

Depending on your dose of DPH that could be very dangerous, and due to the risk

of circulation and cardiovascular issues, mixing deliriants and just about ANY

stimulant should be avoided.

-Opioids (Oxycodone in my case): 

Opioids seem to also relieve you of the

heaviness and body load, but instead of sobering you up while putting your

cardiovascular system in jeopardy like stims, it adds a nice warm blanket feeling,

which is necessary when the DPH vasoconstriction gets bad. My experience with

this was snorting 5 mg of oxy at the peak of 800 mg of DPH. Although I fell asleep

10-15 minutes later, it still was a blissful feeling that I wish to repeat someday



Now THIS is a match made in heaven. The NMDA antagonism matches

with the acetylcholine antagonism beautifully, creating an amazing, euphoric high

while also potentiating each other. This was a drug cocktail that really fucked with

me for a long, long time. Back when I had no fears I would pull up to Rite Aid

while at lunch at school and steal 2-3 bottles of DXM. When I realized the DPH

was right across the aisle, I couldn’t help myself and stole all I could. I would go in

and steal SO MUCH SHIT everyday. This went on for about 2 weeks, until I had

back to back sus experiences and decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. In other

words, you might fall in love with this combo a little too much. A good 2nd plateau

dose with around 150-250 mg of DPH is a good starting point, but of course that’s

assuming you’re AT LEAST somewhat experienced with both on their own.


Mixing DPH and LSD is so god damn strange. When taking a trip dose on

the L comedown, it seemed to kill the rest of the trip. When taking DPH while

peaking on L, all that really seemed to happen was my body got much more cold,

the vasoconstriction was intensified, and the L trip wasn’t anywhere near as

beautiful and profound like it usually is (as expected). Although I haven’t done

LSDPH in forever, I did LSDPH with DXM for my birthday and had the most

bizarre, salvia-like trip. I kept thing my friend was loading bowls of salvia and

started to freak out; because of this, he gave me his ecig to help me calm down, but

it wasn’t very effective (I kept thinking he had vape juice with salvinorin a lmfao).

After that event, I think I’ve decided to not take all 3 kinds of hallucinogens at


Nightmare-Candy Flipping: 

On August 12, 2017, at roughly 9:30 PM, I took 250

ug of LSD and later on railed 2 points of MDMA. It was a gift since I was heading

to college in less than a week. Tripped BALLS for hours, smoking ridiculous

amounts of pot by a fire pit with all of my homies. The trip was incredibly positive,

and was definitely one of my top 3 acid trips. When everyone left (can’t remember

what time but sometime between 11 and 1), I decided to add DPH into the mix. I

don’t remember the dose but I know it was high enough. It hit me pretty hard, and I

remember my muscles started tensing up really bad. I had already experienced it at

the peak of the trip, but it finally starting to go away. When the DPH kicked in it

was like the peak all over again but not euphoric in any way. There was

surprisingly very little negatives or dysphoria, despite I was already on two rather

stimulating drugs. I ended up watching porn for the next six hours, which is typical

for higher doses of DPH. Very strong vasoconstriction will happen, I can’t

recommend doing this but I thought it’d be interesting to share since I can’t find

someone doing it, be careful and practice good harm reduction.

DPH With DXM and LSD: 

This combo was very strange and interesting, to say

the least. It was my birthday so I bought 3 tabs of acid, a 3 oz bottle of generic

delsym (didn’t taste good like delsym does at all. Was supposed to be orange

flavor but tasted like peanut butter instead…), and I already had one of the big

bottles of 1000 50 mg DPH capsules on Amazon, and I decided that night was the

night I would attempt the /psy/dis/del combo. I started with just the Lucy, since my

parents were around and I didn’t want to explain why I’d be way more smacked

than someone on LSD. My parents are super young and experimented with some

drugs like I do when they were around my age, and I was turning 18, so they

agreed to let me trip. After having an incredible time tripping, I decided to throw in

some DXM and DPH. I drank the entire bottle of dxm poli, and also took I think

400 mg of DPH. Things started becoming alien and unfamiliar, and your grip on

reality started slowly going away. It was even later when I dosed with a much

lower amount of DPH and took some CCC’s when I became functionless, and that

was before smoking any weed. My homie stayed at my place for the night since he

was too drunk to go home, and he was loading bowls in the bong in my room

chiefing/ I got two grams of kief from a dispensary, so the first bowl my friend

loaded was pretty much all kief. I lost my grip of reality IMMEDIATELY, and I

was convinced my friend was loading me bowls of salvia instead of weed. Every

couple of minutes I was asking what I took and if he was giving me salvia. He

asked me to hold the little container full of kief while he loaded a bowl and I didn’t

know the cap was off so I spilled it everywhere. He picked up as much as he could

and gave it to me again and I did the same thing, and there was no gathering it all

up anymore. He gave me his mod for me to hit and chill out, but I then convinced

myself his vape juice contained salvinorin A (which I bet doesn’t even exist). After

that moment I blacked out until I woke up in the morning, it was such a bizarre and

strange as fuck night. I’d suggest you only ever try this if you have LOTS of

experience with each drug individually, and even when only two of the three are

combined as a sort of way to help you build up to the point of taking all 3 kinds of

hallucinogens at the same time.


This is the end of the #1 most informative guide to DPH, I sure hope I

helped inspire at least one of you to look into information for yourself whenever

you’re trying new drugs. If I’m lucky, I’ll show many people who are curious

about DPH what it’s really like in an unbiased manner, and those readers will walk

away knowing a lot more about DPH than they did before. Thanks again for taking

the time to read this! Share with your friends, all the essential and necessary

information is all packed into this one document.

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